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Businesses all over the world are constantly looking to reach out to their customers before their competitors do. In order to influence their targeted audience, businesses need to employ innovative modes of communication.

Tried and tested print advertising methods like pamphlets, brochures, direct mailers, etc simply add to the clutter and often go unnoticed.

Multimedia CDs with smart Flash presentations, innovative applications and product demonstrations, etc are an out-of-the-box, cost effective and smart solution for new-age business communications.

Break Through the Clutter

A Multimedia CD is compact and can store a large amount of corporate information across file formats. Communicating through this digital media breaks the monotony brought in by the traditional modes of advertising and promotions. Your clients will sit up and take notice.

It is a clutter-free, lightweight, and easy to carry medium of storage. Moreover, it can standout among a host of paper-based communications used by your competitors.

You can even use other forms of digital storage like digital cards, flash drives, small sized CDs and CD cards.

Communicate through Graphics

Multimedia CDs are a unique media that can store exhaustive information in an interactive and engaging manner. Hence, your business communications can be presented through a graphical user interface and a graphical or a pictorial flow of information. This will make an interesting and engaging visual for your clients. You can even use interactivity, animation, motion graphics, videos, etc.

Easy to Use

Just as it proves to be a clutter-free option, CDs and other storage devices are also extremely user-friendly. You can use a static or dynamic platform to present the information. There is an ease of retrieval, storage, assortment and categorization. The digital media also allows for quick modifications, upgrades, and updates.

Cost Effective

Businesses know that marketing their products and services is a significant expense. Ultimate efficiency and effectiveness of every advertising campaign is of paramount importance. In such a scenario, using Multimedia CDs is an extremely cost effective and versatile option.

Drastically reduce overhead costs involved in printing, warehousing, safekeeping, and postage of heavy print materials like brochures, product catalogues, albums, etc. Also, the CD surface and cover can be used to etch, print or insert quick bits information about your company.

Targeted Approach

With a multimedia CD as a mouthpiece for your business, you can ensure that unlike a mass mailing processes, the right group is targeted. You can ensure that you present the most important information to the most important prospects and clients.

A selective approach to distributing your communication also helps check copyright violations, and content theft, a problem with the web medium.

A Virtual Salesman

Multimedia storage devices use unconventional methods to generate interest in your products. These innovative media require too little space to store and invariable stay with your clients long after receiving the same.

Hence, presentation CDs act as a virtual sales person of your company by providing information about your business and your products. This also allows you to shorten your sales cycle, as all the necessary information, product specifications, catalogues, contact details, and documents are loaded in the same media.

What can it do for you?

Multimedia CD-ROMs use an interactive interface. Say goodbye to passive unidirectional sales pitches and information downloads. Engage your users, lead them the information they are seeking. With higher involvement, comes higher retention, and ultimately higher recall and ease of taking action.

Use Presentation CDs to share
  • Information About New Products
  • Videos About Product Usage and Installations
  • Your Infrastructure/ Facility Videos
  • Corporate Films and Photos
  • Extensive Catalogs
  • Digital Versions of an Existing Print Catalog or Web Site
  • Graphical Depiction of the Company Profile and Corporate Milestones
  • Tutorials and Trainings
  • Product Brochures
  • Dealer Store Displays
  • Sales Presentations
  • Business Presentations
  • Product Demonstrations, Catalogs and Specification Manuals
  • Annual Reports

Why NARD for Presentation CDs

One of the finest IT companies in Saudi Arabia, NARD understands the digital medium as well as the needs of your business communications. We can translate your thoughts to present engaging and innovative content in an attractive CD. We can guarantee that our ideas and presentations will get you the desired results.

Our teams are adept at the best of technology platforms like Action Script 3, Flash, etc for creating cutting-edge presentations. View our extensive CD presentations portfolio.

To know more about our presentation CD services, or to get a free quote, please contact us.


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